Monday, November 30, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Funny things happen when you decorate a Christmas Tree with three children. They put all the Australian animal ornaments together so that "they can talk Australian to each other", and all the white dove ornaments are huddled together on one branch "except this one, he's my pet". The majority of the ornaments are on the lower half of the tree. A few favored ones were placed by special request by Daddy on the uppermost branches "because that's so precious". Apparently decorating a tree is excrutiatingly exhausting and one can only be revived by the first hot chocolate of the season, and maybe a cookie or two.

We also have a new Advent Calendar for the big countdown to Christmas. Our last advent calendar - a snowman with little drawers was a bit wee for use, now we are three, so at the last minute I decided to have a new one. I found 24 little stockings and filled them with tiny treats, a few candies and special activities to do together. As they are already asking "how many days until Christmas?", they should enjoy it. My treats were a little heavy and so I have just lined all the stockings up across our buffet.

I hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas as much as we are!

Happy Birthday to you!

My wonderful hubby moved from his mid to late thirties today. He was treated to a Blu Ray player, a card with pictures drawn by his girls, and possibly the worst looking birthday cake ever. Happy Birthday Tim!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the wee one's point of view

Collecting leaves at the Art Gallery

A new dress

Fall Weekend

Fall in OK is a funny thing. It could be 70 degrees, or it could be 40. Lucky for us, Saturday was closer to 70 than 40!

We headed off to a local art gallery that has "Free Family Saturday" and provides free art supplies for each kid's art kit (this month it was colored pencils), and fun projects to do. There is also an art card featuring a painting on exhibit that the kids try and find. One of the art projects usually relates to the type of painting on the art card.

This month the art card was a Pollock painting and the kids got to try their hand at their own Pollock-esque art. We had to stand back so as not to get splattered!

The final product....