Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have just been putting a sobbing 8 year old to bed. She is suffering from lonely-itis. She said other people don't have it, but they give it to you. It takes as little as two days for you to feel sick from it, and it takes much longer for it to go away. She DOES NOT want to go back to school tomorrow (she has only been there 2 days so far). If anyone knows the cure for lonely-itis, please, let me know!


  1. Would two cats make it better? Just asking.

    Put my girl to bed, too, in a state of complete grief. The kitty she had applied to adopt (and developed a very rich fantasy life about over the weekend) went to a different family. Little did we know two other families had applied as well!

    Adopted two kitties instead. They came as a package (brother/sister 2 for 1). Now T tells me that if she can't have her love, Dixie, she'd rather not have any pets at all.

    AND she hates school, too.

    What a dramatic beginning to our week!!

  2. Definitely no is enough trouble looking after the two legged variety without adding any four legged ones!