Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Crafting

About this time of year (one week until Christmas) I begin to panic. My to do list seems too large and my fears of my own crafting inadequacy raise their ugly head. So, instead of dwelling on the impossible (getting everything done, and indeed, doing it perfectly) I share with you some things that have been crossed off the Christmas crafting list.

1. Christmas cards to go with cookies for the girls' teachers. I had Violet paint with water colors and then we punched out snowflakes and reindeer, glued onto card stock and sprinkled liberally with glitter.

2. Christmas Houses - Lucy's teachers got these. She directed the color choices and painted. The little people (vaguely) resemble her two wonderful teachers. (photo taken in the morning rush out the door..I see milk left on the counter....who did that?)

Here's to all of you making presents this season. May you find enough time to stitch and paint, may your scissors always be where you left them, and may your gift be opened with enthusiastic oohhhs and aahhhs.


  1. you should NEVER question your craftiness! i bow down to you & your craftiness! and i would gleefully ooooh & aaaah if i opened any one of the lovely things you've made! sooooo nice that you have a blog, rach!! i'm so inspired by you!!!

    we're headed up to the mountains tomorrow morning...merry christmas to you and yours!! love & hugs to you all!

  2. all crafting done before the big trip. Barley bags and pencil rolls for us. T had to explain the pencil roll to one of her giftees (the daughter of her Sp.Ed teacher). Seems the girl did NOT like her gift until T told her how cool it was! Way to go, T on the sales job!

    Superb little houses! So where did you get the people forms? Dying to copy...hee hee.

  3. I got the people at - but I got LOTS! You are welcome to a whole family of them from the crafting room!

  4. Oo!! Yes! Will grab a couple when I'm there.