Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have had the greatest pleasure working with and watching a little girl named Ava be rescued from an orphanage by an amazingly courageous family. This little girl could not even sit up when they brought her home shortly before her 4th birthday. She had no means of communication. She could not eat solid foods, instead drank a mushed up puree from a baby bottle. She was terribly underweight and undersized. She did not play with toys. It is amazing what a little therapy and a lot of love can do. She recently took her first steps independently, at almost 6 years old. To put it in perspective, here is Ava when her family first met her. A huge congratulations to Ava and Charissa (her forever mom).
Ava was adopted through an agency called Reece's Rainbow. They specialize in international adoptions for children with Down's Syndrome. Periodically I go to their website and look at all the kids who need a place to live, where they will be fed well, be given therapy to enhance their potential, and most of all be loved. I look at our house, with all our space and all our stuff, and think how much love we have. Or, if international adoptions seem too expensive, I look closer to home at all the sibling groups just waiting to be adopted together here. One day, God (and Tim) are going to give me the go ahead to "get me another kid"!
Until then, I pray for these children, and the families who are looking to adopt them. And then, usually I cry, and Tim tells me to stop looking at orphans on the computer.....


  1. You are incredible! I will be praying for you and your family. You would give an amazing home to your adpopted child. I have prayed about doing the same thing...

  2. ha ha! Thanks Rachel. I just KNOW you are going to be an adoptive mama someday. I just know it. :)

  3. You are lovely. What a privilege you have to work with little Ava and her family. I pray your dreams come true. :-)

  4. Wow, Rach. What a wonderful thing to watch. Thank you for sharing this family's joy.

    Can hear Tim now, though... :-)