Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Round Up

Where to begin in the post Christmas highlights? We loved having a white Christmas, for the first time ever! A lovely fire, Christmas unwrapping pressies in our pjs, and lamb roast with pavlova for dessert. Tim headed out over frozen roads to pick up Mum from the airport - a wonderful Christmas present! We have since spent lazy days playing and crafting, cooking and eating, visting and being visited.

Christmas Eve new pjs

Snowy Christmas fun!

You may remember the wonderful collage Tim made for me for our anniversary. He made one for each of the girls for Christmas with photos of the highlights of their year. Here are they are pointing out their favorites. The girls just loved the gifts and it is such a precious thing for Tim to do.

I have more to share! Tune in tomorrow (maybe) for the next installment of the Ottley Christmas fun!

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas this year!! Love the owl-y pjs!!