Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Crafty Wrap Up

As a full time working Mummy, I don't often get to go to the schools and see what is going on. Just before Christmas break I did get the chance to go to Violet's school and help her make a Gingerbread house. Made of a little milk carton, graham crackers and gallons of frosting, it was a lot of fun! She showed it off proudly at home and would not let anyone steal even the smallest candy off it.

Each of the girls have a little Christmas tree in their rooms. Violet's is decorated with cupcakes, cookies and chocolates. Here are a few of the felt and beaded cupcake ornaments I made for her tree.

Lucy got a kitchen for her 2nd birthday. She is now 5 and the kitchen has been moved into Violet's room. In order to spruce it up a bit for winter play time, I bought the polka dot jars from the Dollar Tree and filled them with new cookies made from wooden shapes I bought 8/$1 at Michaels. I painted them and popped them into the jars. The girls loved them and have been making and selling their Christmas cookies ever since.

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